PDF-to-XML Version Free trial

A simple software program which enables conversion of PDF files to XML files without Adobe Acrobat

PDF files are great. However, many times you're quite limited with what you can do with them, which can be quite frustrating since large amounts of precious information can remain in a format which renders it useless to users who don't know their way well enough in the world of file formats and conversions. There are several kinds of PDF files converters, but not all of them enable users to convert PDF files into XML format, which can sometime solve a great deal of trouble.
PDF-to-XML is exactly what its name suggests it to be. It's a compact, simple, easy to use yet efficient software program for converting PDF files into XML files. This can come in quite handy at times. What's even better about it, is that you don't have to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC and even in its absence you can still go on with your much needed conversion between PDF and XML formats.
Having said that, you should also bear in mind that PDF-to-XML is a quite limited conversion software program as it supports only PDF files conversion into only XML format. There are plenty of other convertors out there that can support a whole lot more formats and handle their conversion into a greater variety of desired formats.
Still, if converting PDF to XML is your only conversion need, this tool will provide you with a good and simple enough solution.
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